10 Easy Beauty Tips

Here are a few secrets and beauty tips every girl should know.
  • Greasy Hair? Never again! The makeup and talcum powder are a good way to disguise greasy hair. If you are one of those girls who has a habit of always touching her hair, this advice will you pearls. With your fingers, you add your hair extra fat, which, although it is clean, seems to be dirty. If you’re a brunette, wear sunscreen powder makeup. If you are blonde, apply talcum powder to baby. Your hair will look freshly washed!
  • Vaseline saves your life . You can use it cocoa lips to moisturize dry skin, and eye makeup remover. But beware, before aplic√°rtela on the skin of the face, make sure your skin type is suitable for this treatment because Vaseline is very thick and can cause the appearance of pimples.
  • Dry eye serum can help clean up your eyes, but also your spots. If you are the type that has areas of red skin, the serum will help you the redness of the skin is reduced
  • What to do with broken and short hairs? These young rebels can be tamed with moisturizer. If you have some broken hairs using dryers and irons that have been shorter than the rest, those who tend to go up, grab a rate of moisturizer, the size of a coin of 2 cents Euro, expand it well all over your hands and begin rubbing pieces have broken hairs and short. The weight of the moisturizer will stay glued to rest and not blow the air
  • Are clearer stained and damaged because of the dark glazes? Put them in half a lemon for 5 minutes and regain its luster
  • ¬†Do not spend money on cream eye shadows and make your own. Just wet the wet brush in eye shadow powder and cream instantly creates a bright eyes.
  • Perfume in strategic areas. Wear your perfume or fragrance on your wrists and behind the ears when you go to meet with a group of friends. When you give them hand or shake your iPhone while you talk, you will reach your delicious smell. When you get two kisses Also
  • How do you keep your hair smell like smoke when you go out at night? Put your hair around a piece of sheet containing softener enough to get rid of the smell of a night caused by smoke and the crowd
  • Want to change your look but is not prepared to cut your hair? Try stripe make hair aside so close as you want. You only need a comb and a little hairspray to give that volume. Megan Fox often uses this simple look and it works. You can also try to accessories such as clips, pins, barrettes, headbands, even chignons and ponytails
  • Water is the best friend of women . No matter how much you read beauty tips throughout your life, it is important to drink as much water as you can, so your skin will remain healthy and that will make you feel more hydrated.Your hair will also be thinner and smooth.

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