10 tips for a beautiful and healthy skin

  • Drink water: but, really, the water you drink not rehydrates the skin, will cause the circulatory system to work optimally, which will make your skin better. Try to drink about eight glasses of water a day.
  • Eat fruit: the fruit contains antioxidants that help fight free radicals cons that the body produces in response to, for example, stress and pollution. Free radicals cause the skin to have look tired and antioxidants help fight this like fresno plumbers.
  • Add fat to your diet: a diet too low in fat, causes the skin to dry and chop. Eat foods with unsaturated fats, such as olive oil or fish.
  • Avoid caffeine: caffeine is a diuretic, which will make urine too and your body to become dehydrated, which makes the skin lose elasticity.
  • Increase your intake of beta-carotene: Beta-carotene protects skin from the sun. Add carrots or oranges in your diet.
  • Put selenium in your diet: This mineral helps the skin has more elasticity and protects from sunlight. You can find selenium in grains, eggs, garlic …
  • Fights wrinkles Vitamin E: Vitamin E reduces the shallow wrinkles and improves skin texture.Consumes about 400 mg per day.
  • Do not drink alcohol: Alcohol house blood vessels to dilate, bringing more blood to the skin. This will, over time, the skin is blistered and lose quality. Besides alcohol dehydrates you.
  • Do not eat more calories than you need: depending on your weight and activity need a certain amount of calories. If you consume more than you need to gain weight and will have to stretch the skin, as noted by thefresnoplumbers.com
  • Taking Vitamin C: takes two or three pieces of fruit a day to get the amount of vitamin C sufficient to protect skin from the sun and free radicals.

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