Advanced exercise for business people

According to the document module sports and physical exercise (Mopradef ), the National Institute of Statistics and Geography ( INEGI), 43.8% of the population in Mexico over 18 years , from a sample of 2,336 homes encuestadas- practice a sport or physical activity.

Of this total, 54.4% men and 45.6% are women who devote weekly, on average, four hours exercising. And although the main reason for abandoning this habit is the lack of time, the truth is that more and more people choose to look and feel good .

The World Health Organization ( WHO ) recommends at least 150 minutes per week of moderate physical activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic aerobic physical activity, because physical inactivity is the fourth most important risk factor for mortality worldwide. In response, today there are different options conditioning ranging from classical gymnasiums and sports clubs -rubro in which Mexico is the second Latin American country with the most establishments dedicated to the sport after Brazil to disciplines like crossfit.

Who are these men and women willing to invest time and money in the health and digital strategy market? Here are some figures: Men aged 18 to 24 are the
most active (68.5%) and second (with 56.2%) are those between 25 and 34 years.

Women aged 18 to 24 are most exercisers (47.4%), followed the group from 25 to 34 years (39%). 57.9% of those with at least a higher degree of education practice sports, while 70.7% of the group without completed basic education is physically inactive. 56.3% of the economically active population over 18 is physically active.

The preferred time of day for athletes is the morning (46.6%), followed by the afternoon (33.4%) and finally the night (14.4%). The main reason for carrying out a physical activity is health (78.4%), followed by entertainment (19.2%). Take advantage of this trend wellness and start a business that offers products and services to those integrated into your lifestyle sports.

All for runners
According to data released after the First Congress held Mexico Run 2014, a broker invests annually between $ 3.500 and $ 7.000 in enrollments races, running shoes, clothes and gadgets. One way to access this powerful market is through specialty stores in the needs of runners. The idea is to provide runners tennis, clothing, food supplements and gadgets for measuring time. Finish your customers fall in love with a strategy that generates a sense of belonging.

Lovers of bikes
Conquista to sports fans on two wheels with a shop in addition to bicycles, clothing and training equipment of the most recognized brands in the industry, find more people who like this discipline and promotes generation a community. The key is to offer personalized attention, young staff and specialist bicycle mechanics and amenities, as well as night rolled around the city. This shift implies a base of approximately 2.5 million $ investment; however, you can generate an average profit of 20 to 30% per cycle.

Boxing and martial arts
According to the Annual Survey Sport in Mexico 2013, published by Consulta Mitofsky, 46.8% of Mexicans believe the box as their favorite sport -only one place below the soccer, which reported a 63.7% of preference-. If you have experience or affinity for this discipline and plan to undertake, do it through a company specializing in equipment for contact sports, especially boxing shop. Your market will consist of those who practice professional and amateur manner; even where these disciplines gyms also taught.

Pointing in white
practice of archery has earned him international recognition to Mexico.And the women ‘s team -made by Rosalia Dominguez Mexico, Brenda Murphy and Linda Ochoa was champion arc at the World Archery Indoor Championships in Nimes (France). This market offers a concept that not only learn this discipline, but also find equipment and accessories brands. The good news is that there are franchises that, for an initial investment of $ 350.000, provide the knowhow and inputs to start quickly.

Relief for athletes
who practices a sport knows that is not without suffering some kind of injury. To tell the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEMEX), the most common injuries among athletes are: wounds, bruises, distensions, contractures, tears, sprains and fractures. If you have trained in sports medicine then you can start without many setbacks business type physical rehabilitation clinic, gym and massage therapy, hydrotherapy and nutrition. Do it the hand of a franchise for an initial investment from $ 975.000.

Sports templates
According to a study by British Journal of Sports Medicine, 75% of sports injuries are suffered men and 40% to under 30 years, so are the groups at highest risk of injury. Become a supplier of specialty orthotics for runners and is part of the running market in Mexico through a franchise model that allows you, in addition to product, provide an analysis of plantar pressure and postural assessment.Search added value options such as templates with a useful life of 12 months, for example.

A trend among runners are the steeplechase that test not only the strength and speed, but also the ability of the participants to work together. In Mexico, the agency said De la Riva Group, 7% of runners participated in at least one race of this kind, highlighting those 18 to 30 years old. As a business opportunity, be organizer of this kind of comptencias becomes interesting if you take into account that the average cost of entry per person ranges from $ 800 to $ 1,250.

Football for all
Confirmed: Soccer is the favorite sport Mexicans. According to the Brazilian consulting firm Pluri, the Mexican national team occupies the 27th position among the most popular schools in the market, with an approximate value of US $ 64 million. Do business with fans of this sport and offers armed service and administration tennis soccer, football fast and 7. The market is vast, as income lends itself to amateur tennis tournaments, semi – professional and corporate events.

Alkaline Water
The value of the bottled water industry in Mexico is estimated at about US $ 10.046 million, equivalent to 13% of global sales. Moreover, the country is the ultimate consumer, above China and the United States.Within this universe there are new opportunities for the distribution of bottled alkaline water, whose promise is to level the acidity in the body. And thinking athletes, this -adicionada water with calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium – provides instant hydration.

Different fitness
Just as there are sports that have been practiced for several years, there are also trends among those seeking an option to activate.According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), between sports trends for 2014 include: the high intensity interval training, programs for seniors and exercise for children with weight problems. Do business with the most innovative techniques of conditioning and mounted a gym unusual. Your market will be mainly the children and young people in search of new challenges.

Exercise without leaving home
According to the Building Regulations of the Federal District, a house should have 45m2 in the new housing completed popular category, and 92m2 in the Housing category of medium and residential interest.Therefore, the use of space is vital in large cities. One option that arises in the United States is training from devices called TRX suspension. The advantage of this offer is that you can sell routines and equipment via the Internet, so you eliminate investment in local, team and coaches.

Mini golf
Playing golf has gained popularity for six years. Guanajuato, for example, will host the Sixth Golf Tournament “El Bosque Mexico Championship 2014”, according to the Ministry of Tourism of the state, will convene 144 competitors from 17 countries will have 5,500 participants and generate an economic impact of $ 8 million. Part of this market offering the services of design, construction, equipment and maintenance of golf courses in mini and professional version ( forchildren and recreation), mobile.

Sports high
Overweight and obesity are gaining strength in infant Mexico.According to the National Health and Nutrition Survey (2012) there are 5.6 million school – age children are overweight or obese in the country, so it is vital to undertake campaigns to promote physical activity among the younger population. A popular choice among children and adolescents is to practice climbing, either in spaces adapted within the city or in places (parks and reserves) controlled.Opens offer courses specializing in mountaineering, hiking, coaches and team training school.


More Tips

For the most extreme
Triathlon arises in the United States in the 1970s and is a competition against the clock that includes swimming, cycling and running.According to the Mexican Triathlon Federation, there are currently 13,000 affiliated athletes and every day there are more people interested in specializing in any of its forms. A business idea is to open a school of triathlon training provide the service plus a nutritional program specially designed for athletes, health spa and psychological care.

Virtual reality and sport
virtual simulators, video game type that allow the practice of different sports without leaving home are an ideal way for children to make physical activity a lifestyle channel. Currently, there are options that give the opportunity for entrepreneurs to become distributors of this technology. To say The Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU The), the video game industry reached a value of $ 15.290 million at the end of 2012; ie grew by 10% compared to $ 14.194 million reported the previous year.

24 – hour gym
The lifestyle in big cities high costs of membership and monthly payments of traditional gyms prevent most professionals perform physical activity. Thinking in this market franchises come with a boutique concept (no more than 500m2) offering the added value of open 24 hours, 365 days a year, plus monthly fees ranging from $ 650 to $ 850. The initial investment may reach US $ 200.000; however, no franchisors that already offer financing.

Psycle center
Gone are the days of aerobics. Today, people are looking forexperiences that draw from inactivity to body and mind at the same time. A practice discipline and personalities like Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga is the Psycle, consisting of a stationary bike routines, led by a coach with a background in psychology, more motivational songs and music. Embark hand this trend and open Psycle service training center, cafeteria and boutique in an atmosphere of absolute exclusivity.

Cleaning and restoration of tennis
To have a favorite pair of tennis need not be a professional racer. This popular garment came and conquered a large number of consumers, regardless of their tastes, ages and socioeconomic status, even. So open a business professional washing, painting and vulcanized sports shoe soles and seams change, it is a great opportunity for anyone considering taking. Revenues increased with other services such as washing and painting of footwear and leather jackets.

During the First Congress Mexico Run 2014 it was published that the economic flow generated by the running in the country was $ 21,206.5 million. Considering that the participation of brokers in Mexican races is increased from 20 to 25% a year, a good business option is toundertake a specialized in organizing races, registration, kitting, sponsorships, photography and video company and publication of results by competitor on the Internet.

10 tips for a beautiful and healthy skin

  • Drink water: but, really, the water you drink not rehydrates the skin, will cause the circulatory system to work optimally, which will make your skin better. Try to drink about eight glasses of water a day.
  • Eat fruit: the fruit contains antioxidants that help fight free radicals cons that the body produces in response to, for example, stress and pollution. Free radicals cause the skin to have look tired and antioxidants help fight this like fresno plumbers.
  • Add fat to your diet: a diet too low in fat, causes the skin to dry and chop. Eat foods with unsaturated fats, such as olive oil or fish.
  • Avoid caffeine: caffeine is a diuretic, which will make urine too and your body to become dehydrated, which makes the skin lose elasticity.
  • Increase your intake of beta-carotene: Beta-carotene protects skin from the sun. Add carrots or oranges in your diet.
  • Put selenium in your diet: This mineral helps the skin has more elasticity and protects from sunlight. You can find selenium in grains, eggs, garlic …
  • Fights wrinkles Vitamin E: Vitamin E reduces the shallow wrinkles and improves skin texture.Consumes about 400 mg per day.
  • Do not drink alcohol: Alcohol house blood vessels to dilate, bringing more blood to the skin. This will, over time, the skin is blistered and lose quality. Besides alcohol dehydrates you.
  • Do not eat more calories than you need: depending on your weight and activity need a certain amount of calories. If you consume more than you need to gain weight and will have to stretch the skin, as noted by
  • Taking Vitamin C: takes two or three pieces of fruit a day to get the amount of vitamin C sufficient to protect skin from the sun and free radicals.

Look better in pictures

At present, we are subjected to make us pictures continuously, but it is difficult for a photograph showing the best of our physicality. Here we leave some tips to get more handsome in the photos.

    • Look just a little above the camera lens . Move your head slightly forward and place your chin as if you were to drink from a bottle. That will prevent double chin appears.
    • Put your tongue behind your teeth and smiles . Thus, your face will relax and your face willlook more natural.
    • Keep your arms close to the body , but they do not seem to be glued. To look natural, they must be slightly apart from your body.
    • Try your clothes on a white wall . Try to have an indirect (under a tree or in an interior room near a window) natural light and that will show what really is the color that best suits you.
    • Generally avoid prints . Do not dress with patterned clothes, especially if it is very striking horizontal stripes or patterns, that will make your figure look wider and do not favor.
    • Photos exaggerate everything, so watch your makeup . For women under 30, simply mascara and lip gloss. For women over 30, it is convenient to add a touch of concealer.
    • Practice the classic model pose . Turn your body a quarter towards the camera, with one foot before the other and one shoulder closer to the photographer. That will stylize your figure.
    • Standing for photographs: Place your belly inward, tight buttocks, shoulders back and spine straight. Don’t worry about cellulite. But if you insist, get the most impressive tactical watches.
    • Find out about the photogenic people and look carefully at the photos that you think best sales. What’s your best angle? Surely you see that you’re laughing or having a good time . Take pictures to someone when they’re relaxed or most animated usually gives better results.
    • To make you feel at ease . Try closing your eyes and open them just before you go to take the forum.

If you follow these tips, you’re sure to look prettier in the pictures!

10 Easy Beauty Tips

Here are a few secrets and beauty tips every girl should know.
  • Greasy Hair? Never again! The makeup and talcum powder are a good way to disguise greasy hair. If you are one of those girls who has a habit of always touching her hair, this advice will you pearls. With your fingers, you add your hair extra fat, which, although it is clean, seems to be dirty. If you’re a brunette, wear sunscreen powder makeup. If you are blonde, apply talcum powder to baby. Your hair will look freshly washed!
  • Vaseline saves your life . You can use it cocoa lips to moisturize dry skin, and eye makeup remover. But beware, before aplicártela on the skin of the face, make sure your skin type is suitable for this treatment because Vaseline is very thick and can cause the appearance of pimples.
  • Dry eye serum can help clean up your eyes, but also your spots. If you are the type that has areas of red skin, the serum will help you the redness of the skin is reduced
  • What to do with broken and short hairs? These young rebels can be tamed with moisturizer. If you have some broken hairs using dryers and irons that have been shorter than the rest, those who tend to go up, grab a rate of moisturizer, the size of a coin of 2 cents Euro, expand it well all over your hands and begin rubbing pieces have broken hairs and short. The weight of the moisturizer will stay glued to rest and not blow the air
  • Are clearer stained and damaged because of the dark glazes? Put them in half a lemon for 5 minutes and regain its luster
  •  Do not spend money on cream eye shadows and make your own. Just wet the wet brush in eye shadow powder and cream instantly creates a bright eyes.
  • Perfume in strategic areas. Wear your perfume or fragrance on your wrists and behind the ears when you go to meet with a group of friends. When you give them hand or shake your iPhone while you talk, you will reach your delicious smell. When you get two kisses Also
  • How do you keep your hair smell like smoke when you go out at night? Put your hair around a piece of sheet containing softener enough to get rid of the smell of a night caused by smoke and the crowd
  • Want to change your look but is not prepared to cut your hair? Try stripe make hair aside so close as you want. You only need a comb and a little hairspray to give that volume. Megan Fox often uses this simple look and it works. You can also try to accessories such as clips, pins, barrettes, headbands, even chignons and ponytails
  • Water is the best friend of women . No matter how much you read beauty tips throughout your life, it is important to drink as much water as you can, so your skin will remain healthy and that will make you feel more hydrated.Your hair will also be thinner and smooth.