Look better in pictures

At present, we are subjected to make us pictures continuously, but it is difficult for a photograph showing the best of our physicality. Here we leave some tips to get more handsome in the photos.

    • Look just a little above the camera lens . Move your head slightly forward and place your chin as if you were to drink from a bottle. That will prevent double chin appears.
    • Put your tongue behind your teeth and smiles . Thus, your face will relax and your face willlook more natural.
    • Keep your arms close to the body , but they do not seem to be glued. To look natural, they must be slightly apart from your body.
    • Try your clothes on a white wall . Try to have an indirect (under a tree or in an interior room near a window) natural light and that will show what really is the color that best suits you.
    • Generally avoid prints . Do not dress with patterned clothes, especially if it is very striking horizontal stripes or patterns, that will make your figure look wider and do not favor.
    • Photos exaggerate everything, so watch your makeup . For women under 30, simply mascara and lip gloss. For women over 30, it is convenient to add a touch of concealer.
    • Practice the classic model pose . Turn your body a quarter towards the camera, with one foot before the other and one shoulder closer to the photographer. That will stylize your figure.
    • Standing for photographs: Place your belly inward, tight buttocks, shoulders back and spine straight. Don’t worry about cellulite. But if you insist, get the most impressive tactical watches.
    • Find out about the photogenic people and look carefully at the photos that you think best sales. What’s your best angle? Surely you see that you’re laughing or having a good time . Take pictures to someone when they’re relaxed or most animated usually gives better results.
    • To make you feel at ease . Try closing your eyes and open them just before you go to take the forum.

If you follow these tips, you’re sure to look prettier in the pictures!

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