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For the most extreme
Triathlon arises in the United States in the 1970s and is a competition against the clock that includes swimming, cycling and running.According to the Mexican Triathlon Federation, there are currently 13,000 affiliated athletes and every day there are more people interested in specializing in any of its forms. A business idea is to open a school of triathlon training provide the service plus a nutritional program specially designed for athletes, health spa and psychological care.

Virtual reality and sport
virtual simulators, video game type that allow the practice of different sports without leaving home are an ideal way for children to make physical activity a lifestyle channel. Currently, there are options that give the opportunity for entrepreneurs to become distributors of this technology. To say The Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU The), the video game industry reached a value of $ 15.290 million at the end of 2012; ie grew by 10% compared to $ 14.194 million reported the previous year.

24 – hour gym
The lifestyle in big cities high costs of membership and monthly payments of traditional gyms prevent most professionals perform physical activity. Thinking in this market franchises come with a boutique concept (no more than 500m2) offering the added value of open 24 hours, 365 days a year, plus monthly fees ranging from $ 650 to $ 850. The initial investment may reach US $ 200.000; however, no franchisors that already offer financing.

Psycle center
Gone are the days of aerobics. Today, people are looking forexperiences that draw from inactivity to body and mind at the same time. A practice discipline and personalities like Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga is the Psycle, consisting of a stationary bike routines, led by a coach with a background in psychology, more motivational songs and music. Embark hand this trend and open Psycle service training center, cafeteria and boutique in an atmosphere of absolute exclusivity.

Cleaning and restoration of tennis
To have a favorite pair of tennis need not be a professional racer. This popular garment came and conquered a large number of consumers, regardless of their tastes, ages and socioeconomic status, even. So open a business professional washing, painting and vulcanized sports shoe soles and seams change, it is a great opportunity for anyone considering taking. Revenues increased with other services such as washing and painting of footwear and leather jackets.

During the First Congress Mexico Run 2014 it was published that the economic flow generated by the running in the country was $ 21,206.5 million. Considering that the participation of brokers in Mexican races is increased from 20 to 25% a year, a good business option is toundertake a specialized in organizing races, registration, kitting, sponsorships, photography and video company and publication of results by competitor on the Internet.

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